This style has a classical kimono fit with wide sleeves. For a richer look there is a piping detail around the cuff and a waistband to tie with a big bow or just leave it open. The Kimono is very easily styled with the rest of your wardrobe, and for every occasion or season. Wear it on top of jeans and cozy turtleneck knitwear in colder seasons, or as a thin summer jacket over a party dress on chilly summer nights.

This Kimono is made of fabric from an up-cycled vintage sari from India, and used to belong to a local Indian woman. Now the kimonos are part of a unique and cultural story from India, and helps create a cross-cultural connection.

Mix – Our Zero Waste concept has the goal to use the entire vintage sari we up-cycle for our garments, thus we use the leftover cuttings og fabric for our small items. Our kimonos are usually made from one sari, but a wide selection of the saris has holes or errors which means there is not enough fabric for the style in just one sari. Therefore, we have chosen to make some of the styles from multiple saris! The beautiful, Zero Waste result of these combination-pieces is seen in our Mix-styles; Lotus Shirt Mix Kimono, Magnolia Long Mix Kimono and Morning Glory Long Pocket Mix Kimono, Banana Mix Kimono and Hillside Mix Kimono.

All our garments have, before they were re-designed been used by an Indian woman. This means that there can be small tracks such as tiny loose threads or tiny stains on the fabric. We in SISSEL EDELBO love the story as well as the flaws - we hope you will as well - let the story continue - woman to woman.

Since the fabric is re-used fabric, we cannot inform what the total composition of the fabric is.

Garment Measurements (One Size):

  • Chest width: 120 cm

  • Full length: 73 cm

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