This belt is key for the season. As a detail there are two different patterns on each side so you can use it in two ways. The belt can be used as an accessory to almost every style. It can be used to enhance the waist on your favourite dress or style it together with a white crispy shirt.

The belt is made of fabric from up-cycled vintage saris from India, and used to belong to local Indian women. Now the belt is part of a unique and cultural story from India, and helps create a cross-cultural connection.


All of our garments have, before they were re-designed been used by an Indian woman. This story shows it self in that there may be small tracks such as tiny loose threads or tiny stains on the fabric. We in SISSEL EDELBO love the story as well as the flaws - we hope you will as well and let the story continue. Since the fabric is re-used fabric, we cannot inform what the total composition of the fabric is.

Garment Measurements:

Length: 215 cm

Mid width: 7.5 cm

End width: 4.5 cm

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